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IELTS Master Project

International Syrian Association for Education Development

IELTS Master Project


The Syrian Association’s mission is to build a better future for Syria through supporting Syrian students to continue their education and develop their knowledge. To do that, IELTS Master project is designed to help a number of Syrian Students to get closer to their academic goals and study in an international university. This project is in partnership with The University of Edinburgh, it will focus on building the skills required to pass the IELTS exam. A special attention will be drawn to give the students continuous assessment and a great experience to practice speaking with native speakers.

The first three students who achieve the highest grade in the IELTS preparation course will be funded to book the IELTS exam.

  • The course will start from the beginning of Oct 2020 and will last for 2 months. 
  • 1 online session per week. 
  • The course will be delivered by Zoom and there will be other platforms that will facilitate the course flow.
  • There will be a persistent follow up from the tutor during the course to enhance Listening, writing and reading skills. 
  • As per Speaking skills, each student will be matched with a native english speaker in Edinburgh University to practice speaking and exchange information about studying in International University.


  • The geographical location: Syria – Jordan – Lebanon – Turkey 
  • The educational status: finished secondary education, last year or graduated from the University 
  • Language level: upper intermediate
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Computer with a camera/laptop


Placement test: it will define whether you are ready to do the IELTS exam or you need more English language enhancements before proceeding to the IELTS exam. 
Note: allow 30 mins for this stage. There will not be a timing limitation for the test, however, the test duration will be taken into consideration when evaluating the results (so try to finish the exam as fast as possible).

If your placement test result is more than (70%) you are eligible for the application form stage.

The application form:  it will help us to know more information about you and what is your motivation to do the IELTS exam, besides your future goals. 

Note: give plenty of time to fill out the application form and focus on answering all questions precisely. Make sure that in the last three questions not to exceed the word limits.

Here the Syrian Association will select the shortlisted candidates and will invite them to the interview stage.

Interview: the short-listed candidates will have the chance in the interview to show their language skills and their real motivation to do the IELTS exam. 

Note: the interview duration will be 15 mins, be prepared to answer general questions about you, in addition, questions related to your academic plan in international university.


  1. The Placement test:

Important, before you take the test please make sure to read the following notes:

  • When you open the test link, you will be directed to the page asking for the Room name, please write (ENGLISH99). 
  •  Then, you need to fill your name. Write your first and second name and if you think your name is common include your middle name as well. 
  • After you submit the test, you will immediately have a window with your result. Save your result because you will need it when you fill the application form.

You can access the placement test by clicking on this link. For more details on the placement test, check this Guideline

2. The Application form: you can find the application form here.


30 Jul – 10 Aug 2020Open Application
23 Aug – 25 Aug 2020Shortlisted will be notified and invited to the interview
25 Aug – 12 Sep 2020Interview the applicants
21 Sep – 24 SepThe accepted applicants will be notified
01 Oct 2020The course start date
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