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International Syrian Association for Education Development

Education is key to the development, prosperity, and peace-building of any country. The war in Syria has taken a toll on academic institutions and the quality of education, producing graduates who lack the skills and knowledge essential to succeed in their communities and contribute to their country’s development. It left hundreds of thousands of refugees and internally displaced children out of school. Furthermore, the war has prompted hundreds of thousands of Syrian students to pursue their education abroad in safe environments where they can thrive and pursue their dreams, but the majority of these students, however, are facing challenges associated with accessing the education system in the host countries, leading many Syrian students to lose interest in education. All of these are signs of an education crisis that threatens the future of Syria and Syrian students, and we want to contribute to solving the crisis. 

Our task is extremely challenging, and plenty of local and international organisations, both governmental and nongovernmental, are putting much effort into this, but the future of Syria depends chiefly on highly qualified Syrians who must step in and work together to mitigate the outcome of this education crisis and rebuild their country. The majority of those highly qualified students, academics, and professionals, however, have left Syria in the most severe brain drain that the country has been experiencing since the war erupted in 2011. What makes the situation worse is that they have gotten completely detached from Syria and; thus, have not been playing their vital role in the development and rebuilding of their country, and we want to change this. 

Therefore, we have brought together some 120 researchers, academics, professionals, scholarship holders, and education activists, all of whom refuse to remain silent. We have combined forces and set common goals for a better Syria where illiteracy is nonexistent and where everyone has access to high-quality education. We all believe that education is key to building a peaceful and prosperous future for Syria, and this is a call for everyone who shares our belief to get on board and help us rebuild Syria through developing the education system and supporting Syrian students to thrive wherever they are.

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