Establishment Stage - المرحلة التأسيسية

Vision 2030

International Syrian Association for Education Development

The Syrian Association has a clear vision for where it wants to be in 2030. This 2030 vision was derived from our overall vision, and it has five stages: 

Stage 1 (2020): The Establishment Stage

As a new body, the Syrian Association will spend the first year following the launch focused on recruiting the much-needed human resources, finalising our policies, procedures and job descriptions, and refining our internal structures to make sure the organisation is ready to work on its challenging mission and operate to the highest standards. 

Stage 2 (By 2021): The Kick-off Stage

At this stage, the Syrian Association will have been registered as a charity and built a strong online library covering various education-related topics to support Syrian students in their academic life. Furthermore, we will have built the largest student support center that is operated round the clock, seven days a week.

Stage 3 (By 2023): The Expansion Stage

At this stage, the Syrian Association will have become an established body with strong expertise in all academic specialisations to support Syrian students in all education levels. In addition, we will be offering support in all major scholarships open to Syrian applicants and will have built strong, lasting relationships with scholarship providers.

Stage 4 (By 2025): The Reach Stage

At this stage, the Syrian Association will have become a well-known body for the majority of Syrian students. We will have expanded and fully operated on all social media platforms and become the number one destination for all Syrian students seeking help. 

Stage 5 (by 2030): The Influence Stage

In 2030, the Syrian Association will have become an influential body supporting and improving the chances and lives of tens of thousands of Syrian students every year. Our operation and reach will have spanned 20 countries, with millions of followers and over 1,000 active members directly supporting our mission.

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