Establishment Stage - المرحلة التأسيسية

Volunteers Complaints and Disputes Management Policy

International Syrian Association for Education Development

Aim of the policy:

No workplace is ever free from difficulties and daily problems.  This document aims to clarify the procedures by which volunteers can present their complaints and suggestions in a professional and civilized manner, so that the Association can find solutions to them and to all matters relating to staff in a fair and equitable manner to all.


The Syrian Association always seeks to provide a highly professional atmosphere, that gives the volunteers the freedom to communicate their opinions, suggestions and complaints to those who run the association, to resolve them in a fair and suitable way for all. The Association has therefore established the following procedures to be followed when resolving staff grievances:


  1. If a volunteer has a complaint, he or she has several options:
    1. If the complaint is restricted to the same section:
      1. The employee can turn to the department manager to elaborate on the complaint.
      2. The employee can turn directly to HR to elaborate the complaint.
    2. If the complaint is directed outside the employee’s department, he or she must turn directly to HR.
    3. If the employee does not want to disclose his or her name, or If the complaint is general, then he or she can fill out the form (volunteer complaints)
  • The file is held by the Human Resources Department’s Director
  • The volunteer can write the complaint or proposal and send it to the Human Resource Directorate at any time
  1. Human Resources should look into the complaint and hear all parties’ statements before making a statement.
  2. The HR department should resolve the complaint based on the procedures schedule below.
  3. If the schedule does not contain a clear text about the subject of the complaint, it is referred to the “Employee’s complaints resolution Committee”, which, when needed, meet to review and resolve such complaints.  The committee may hold a meeting with the complainant or the defendant volunteer to clarify or defend the complaint depending on the case.
  4. The Employee’s complaints resolution Committee consists of the following members:
    • Director of the Human Resources Department.
    • Director of the department which the employee belongs to.
    • Executive Director.

If the complaint is against one of the three mentioned, he or she will be replaced by a member from the Administrative Committee. 

  1. The solutions that were reached by HR or the complaint’s resolution Committee are documented along with the provided complaint. The unnamed complaints are kept in a specific volunteers’ complaints file.
  2. A quarter report is submitted by the HR to the Executive Director including all complaints and reached solutions.
ComplaintFirst ProcedureProcedure in case of first recurrenceProcedure in case of second recurrence
  • A slight misunderstanding
  • Unintentional abuse and apology
  • Nervous attitude and professional misconduct
Verbal warning from the HRWritten warning by email from HR and managementApologizing to the volunteer directly, and terminating his relationship with the association
  • Misunderstanding with insistence on position.
  • Intentional abuse.
  • Frequent professional misconduct and in presence of volunteers
Written warning by email from HR and managementApologizing to the volunteer directly, and terminating his relationship with the association 
  • Disgraceful language.
  • Personal insult.
  • Intentional and repeated abuse
Apologizing to the volunteer directly, and terminating his relationship with the association  

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