Establishment Stage - المرحلة التأسيسية

How we work

International Syrian Association for Education Development

Thematic Areas & Teams

The Syrian Association seeks to establish a network of teams in different countries. These teams endeavor to analyse the students’ needs, build partnerships with academic institutions, and support existing and prospective Syrian students within five thematic areas:

Theme 1: Education progression. We support Syrian students to progress to higher education and support those whose education has been interrupted to return to schools and universities.

Theme 2: Academic Knowledge. We support Syrian students in choosing their specialisations properly and graduating with strong academic knowledge.

Theme 3: Scholarships. We support Syrian students in applying for scholarships to gain a world-class education and, with time, transfer their knowledge and skills to Syria to contribute to its development. 

Theme 4:  English Language. We support Syrian students to develop good English language skills as this would help them succeed in both their academic and professional lives. 

Theme 5: Networking. We support Syrian students around the world to connect and collaborate to support students and develop the education sector in Syria.

We currently have teams in four countries and three other central teams:

  1. Syria Team
  2. UK team
  3. Japan Team
  4. Sweden Team
  5. Scholarships Team
  6. Academic Knowledge Team
  7. English Team


The Syrian Association is a body established to support Syrian students at a global level, and we support students in four different ways:

1. Advisory: we have a dedicated team that advises students on several education-related topics by answering their enquiries or helping them find the answer.

2. Mentoring: we have a dedicated team that mentors students either through their journey to return to schools/universities or to develop academic knowledge, apply for scholarships, etc.  

3. Content Creation: we have a team that creates written and visual resources for students on various education-related topics.

4. Networking: All of our teams conduct regular activities to connect students and professionals around the world.

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