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English Language Video Series

International Syrian Association for Education Development

English Language Video Series

The English language is considered one of the most important tools that Syrian students need in their academic and professional life. The language is essential to apply for scholarships, study abroad, and progress professionally. Studying English, like any other language, could be a challenging task, especially in the absence of good resources and clear studying strategies. Therefore, the Syrian Association has worked on producing 8 short videos that aim to help students by putting them on the right track to learn English. The series provides organised and well-explained resources and tips that help students to take the first step and continue the journey of learning English. It is divided into 8 videos:

Video 1: Introduction

Video 2: How to learn grammar

Video 3: How to learn vocabulary

Video 4: How to improve your speaking skills

Video 5: How to improve your listening skills

Video 6: How to improve your reading skills

Video 7: How to improve your writing skills

Video 8: How to draft a studying plan

To watch the videos, please visit our English Team page

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