Establishment Stage - المرحلة التأسيسية

Our Culture

International Syrian Association for Education Development

The Syrian Association has six main values embedded in our organisational culture. These determine how we work with each other and set expectations across the whole organisation. 

1. Professionalism: Professionalism is an essential pillar for any organisation to thrive, and in the Syrian Association, it is our top value. It is what makes us put our personal interests aside and serve our genuine purpose. If at odds, it is what makes us agree for the organisation’s benefit. It is what makes us work to the highest standard and respect our colleagues and the students whom we serve. Professionalism overarches everything we do.    

2. Long-term Orientation: The Syrian Association is a long-term project. Its real impact will not be reaped until years to come. When we have achieved our vision of spreading all over the world, providing advice on all levels to all Syrian students and having tens of thousands of members on board supporting students, we will have a strong influence on students’ education that will allow us to effectively contribute to the development of the academic institutions in Syria.  

3. Altruism: All our volunteers have joined because they believe in the importance of education for building a better society. This is why we are all here in the first place, in addition to our keenness to empower current and future Syrian students. Our real reward is when we make a positive impact on students and change their lives for the better. Our real reward is when we see the education system in Syria significantly improved.

4. Inclusiveness and Support: Inclusiveness and support are part of our DNA. Everyone in the Syrian Association is valued, and all opinions are heard. We are all equals – those who have years of experience and those who have just started their professional journey. PhD holders and those who have not had the chance to study a university degree are all equals. We all learn from each other and are dedicated to supporting one another on all levels. The only difference between members is the level of responsibility that we each agree to shoulder. 

5. Openness and Critical Thinking: We always criticise and challenge ourselves in a constructive manner and ask ourselves the difficult questions. We always explore ways to improve our organisation and welcome constructive feedback from all stakeholders. We constantly develop our structure and work mechanisms. We do not stick to what we thought was right if it proves otherwise. 

6. Entrepreneurial: The Syrian Association’s working model depends heavily on transforming the members’ ideas into projects and services. Transforming ideas into projects requires an entrepreneurial mindset. In other words, we are proactive in solving the students’ problems and filling the gaps. We seek to be innovative in everything we do and how we do it. We might even take risks when necessary and fragment our resources to build a buy-in on certain projects. We always aspire to be entrepreneurial. 

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