Establishment Stage - المرحلة التأسيسية

Vision and Mission

International Syrian Association for Education Development

Our Mission

The Syrian Association’s mission is to build a better future for Syria through developing the education system and supporting Syrian students all over the world to continue their education and develop their knowledge.
The rationale behind our mission is our belief that the better future we envision for Syria requires all Syrian students having access to high-quality education in Syria and graduating with strong academic knowledge and labor market skills so that they can contribute effectively to the development of their fields of study, their professions and their societies.

Our Vision

1. Become a sustainable international association with an international presence.

We aim to spread worldwide to build networks in order to connect with Syrian students wherever they choose to study so they can channel their knowledge and skills towards the development of Syria. This will also help us build partnerships with well-recognized educational institutions to support Syrian students and academic institutions at a larger scale.

2. Become the main consultative body for Syrian students around the world.

We aspire to build the main consultative entity that supports, empowers and provides advice to Syrian students all over the world to get a better education and; thus, a better future.

3. Bring together thousands of members who believe in our cause to support education.

We aim to rally tens of thousands of people to our cause to benefit from the intellectual power through which Syrian academics, professionals, researchers and students in order to make a difference in Syrian students’ lives.

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