Establishment Stage - المرحلة التأسيسية

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International Syrian Association for Education Development

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IELTS Master Project

PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Syrian Association’s mission is to build a better future for Syria through supporting Syrian students to continue their education and develop their knowledge. To do that, IELTS Master project is designed to help a number of Syrian Students to get closer to their academic goals and study in an international university. This project is in…
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Athar Training Project for Students with Disability

Athar (Impact) is a training project (online learning and mentoring) for students with physical disabilities. The project aims to support people to learn online website programming and designing so that they acquire technical skills to help them join the labor market. Through this training, students with physical disabilities will attend online courses. Each student will…
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English Language Video Series

The English language is considered one of the most important tools that Syrian students need in their academic and professional life. The language is essential to apply for scholarships, study abroad, and progress professionally. Studying English, like any other language, could be a challenging task, especially in the absence of good resources and clear studying…
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PADILEIA Mentoring Programme- Second Run

After the successful first round, King’s College London has decided to run the mentoring programme again in partnership with the International Syrian Association for Education Development.  The mentoring programme is part of the PADILEA project, which aims to provide Syrian refugees and impacted host communities in Lebanon and Jordan with better access to higher education. …
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Participating in IGNITE 2019 Conference

At the World Access to Higher Education Day, the Syrian Association participated in the Spark’s yearly conference (IGNITE 2019 Jobs now) that took place in Netherlands. The Association shared its insight about the power of student support networks in supporting access to education and the labor market.

PADILEIA Mentoring Programme

The mentoring programme is part of the PADILEA project, which aims to provide Syrian refugees and impacted host communities in Lebanon and Jordan with better access to higher education.  PADILEIA is producing and delivering online and blended courses to provide a foundation for future higher education. The project is run by King’s College London, the…
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Concept Mentoring

Tariqi (My way) Mentoring Programme

Tariqi is a mentoring programme implemented by the Syrian Association to support students to apply to Chevening and Saïd Scholarships. Twenty-five mentors participated in this program to support 50 students in Syria and the neighboring region in applying for the aforementioned scholarships. The mentoring continued from Sep. 1 to 30, 2018.

Chevening Scholarships Videos

Since 1983, Chevening has brought over 50,000 exceptional professionals from around the world to study in the UK through scholarships and fellowships funded by the UK government. This unique opportunity has helped to elevate careers, transform communities, shift and deepen perspectives, and build intercontinental bridges. The Syrian Association worked on a series of 10 videos…
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Saïd Scholarships Videos

The Saïd Foundation Scholarships Programme aims to promote education and development in the Middle East by providing educational and training opportunities to outstanding individuals who demonstrate the potential to become leaders and innovators of change. The scholarships help career development and enable individuals to achieve impact in their professional fields and bring benefits to others in…
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Personal Statement Videos

Understanding how to write a personal statement is an essential step towards accessing higher education or applying for scholarships. However, this can be a challenging task for students who are not familiar with it.  The Syrian Association worked on a series of three videos as part of the Tariqi (My Way) project to support students…
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