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الرابطة السورية الدولية لتنمية التعليم


Our Activites 

The Syrian Association is a body established to support Syrian students at a global level in four different ways: creating tailored content, advising, mentoring, and networking

Choosing university

Article 1: how to choose between UK universities

 إذا كنت تنوي الدراسة في المملكة المتحدة، فإنّ أولى القرارات التي عليك اتخاذها وأهمها هي عملية اختيار الجامعة. يتم اختيار الجامعة في بريطانيا بناءً على عدة معاييرٍ، وفيما يلي أهم[…]

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IELTS Master Project

PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Syrian Association’s mission is to build a better future for Syria through supporting Syrian students to continue their education and develop their knowledge. To do that, IELTS Master project is[…]

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Athar Training Project for Students with Disability

Athar (Impact) is a training project (online learning and mentoring) for students with physical disabilities. The project aims to support people to learn online website programming and designing so that[…]

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The International Syrian Association for Education Development (Syrian Association) is an international support network of over 120 researchers, academics, professionals, scholarship holders, and education activists working together to support Syrians education all over the world with focus on marginalised groups. The majority of us had the opportunity to study at the best universities in the world, and we connect highly qualified and passionate Syrians all over the world and transfer our knowledge and skills to develop the education sector in Syria.

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Our Story

Education is key to the development, prosperity, and peace-building of any country, and in Syria there are signs of an education crisis that threatens the future of Syria.

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2030 Vision

The Syrian Association has a clear vision on where it wants to be in 2030. Our vision is bold and ambitious, and we are up to it. Not only do we seek to expand but also to influence.

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Our Mission

Building a better future for Syria through developing the education system and supporting Syrian students all over the world to continue their education and develop their knowledge.

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How We Work

We have five thematic areas, five main services, and several teams to support student. We work to support Syrian students all over the world to continue education.

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